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High in the Sierra Mountains of California, the views from the granite cliffs, inspire the creative muse. From these precipitous peaks, to the sandy beaches along the coast, and to the reaches of the southern edge of the United States, you can ascend to the summit of Donner Pass, tour Yosemite National Park, gaze at the ancient Sequoia forests and visit the deep gorges of Kings Canyon.

Scenic view of Donner Lake and forest

Donner Memorial State Park

This solemn site is a monument to the Donner party and their tragedy. Their sacrifice has left its mark this landscape—etching upon it both sorrow and a resilient beauty. 

Bright green forest in Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon National Park

Come wend your way through an epic forest canyon. Though it is relentlessly rugged, a thin ribbon of road grants you just enough access to negotiate this memorable terrain.

Giant trees in Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park

The towering giants of Sequoia defy believability. It is as if they have climbed high into the atmosphere and now watch the entire world below with solemnity and grace.

Scenic view of Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

A sanctuary of inspiration. Follow river pathways made crooked by immovable stone or pause to hear the distant roar of waterfalls as you explore this lush valley.


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A Pacific Northwest paradise home to volcanic mountain ranges, lush and mossy rainforests, crystal blue waterways, and evergreen landscapes extending as far as the eye can see.

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The Rocky Mountains are a  picturesque territory brimming with biodiversity. Set off on an expedition across crater-pocked lava beds, climb snow-crowned mountain peaks, or traverse dense alpine forests.

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Enter into a land of timeworn desert vistas. Here you will discover the striking masonry of red rock wonderlands, expansive river-cut canyons, and the far-flung frontiers of the hoodoo wilderness.