The Grand Circle, 2020 Calendar


12 month calendar for 2020 features national parks, monuments and state parks within the “Golden Circle.” These Colorado Plateau sites are spread throughout the the southwestern states of Utah, Colorado and Arizona. Size is 5″ x 12.”



The Colorado Plateau is home to many iconic national parks, national monuments and public lands. The unique and precious rock formations, plants, and animals have inspired the spirits of tribes, explorers, geologists, and artists as they have traveled the wildly colorful and diverse landscape. Wind and water have worked over millennia to carve stone, exposing billions of years of Earth’s history. The Colorado River runs the length of the plateau and is among the most creative of sculptors, chiseling through the now vast network of canyons of the region. While spectacular, the rock formations and life forms here are fragile and need help from all visitors to tread lightly and leave the desert as they found it for all to enjoy. During a visit to the Colorado Plateau, you can help by staying on designated trails, leaving what you find, respecting plants and wildlife, and being considerate of other visitors.

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