America’s landscapes are spectacular in their beauty and diversity. From the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, to the desert sands of the southwest, and traveling through the prairies of the midwest to the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, there are wonderlands waiting to be explored. Take a journey through the regions of the country’s most spectacular vistas, verdant forests, cool waters, historic trails, and scorching deserts.

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From the tip of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, reaching over the Cascade range and down the Pacific coast, the region of Cascadia contains spectacular views of forests, mountains and oceans. When you explore this verdant landscape, you will discover the wonders of Olympic National Park, North Cascades, Mount Rainier, Crater Lake in Oregon, the majestic Redwood forests of California, and Lassen Volcanic National Park just to name a few.

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High in the Sierra Mountains of California, the views from the granite cliffs, inspire the creative muse. From these precipitous peaks, to the sandy beaches along the coast, and to the reaches of the southern edge of the United States, you can ascend to the summit of Donner Pass, tour Yosemite National Park, gaze at the ancient Sequoia forests and visit the deep gorges of Kings Canyon.

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Craters of the Moon’s barren landscapes in Idaho provide a sharp contrast to the elevated peaks in the Rocky Mountains. From Glacier National Park, with its dramatically carved stone walls, to the peaks towering over the high deserts of Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and Colorado, you can reach the high summits of Rocky Mountain National Park, feel the steam rise from the hot springs of Yellowstone, climb the face of Mount Timpanogos to explore its caves, or see an ancient Bristlecone forest at the base of Wheeler Peak in Great Basin National Park.

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The red rock deserts of the Colorado Plateau rise above winding canyons that cut deep into the sandstone strata. Vividly colored, eroded landscapes appear in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada where intrepid bedouin caravans descend into the depths of the Grand Canyon, hike the towering cliffs of Zion National Park, rediscover the ancient ruins of Mesa Verde, or pass beneath the seemingly impossible stone spans of Arches National Park.

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